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Welcome to the New Catholic365

Catholic365 is proud of its rising and vibrant community of Catholic writers. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re shifting our platform to give writers more freedom and control over the creation and promotion of their work.

Moving forward, Catholic365 will serve as a Catholic publishing platform for qualified Catholic writers, offering performance-based compensation to our regular contributors.

What you'll get as a Catholic365 writer:

  • A new publishing tool with greater control over article creation
  • Compensation based on article performance (Earning amounts are not guaranteed, but you'll receive revenue based on the number of unique readers your articles get)
  • Real-time reports on performance and earnings
  • Exposure to our readers and ability to link to your other work
  • Writing training and article promotion support


  • All submitted work must be completely original and fully written by the author
  • Articles must be consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • We ask that you actively promote your work by sharing and interacting with our readers

Get started by Applying Now. If accepted our editorial team will send your account login info and article posting instructions.

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